Our Mission

​It can be difficult to see your beloved pet age and experience discomfort.
It can be even more difficult to make the decision to put them down.
Rogue Veterinary aims to guide you through this journey with our medical knowledge and expertise.

We recognize the deep emotional impact our pets have on us.
We provide you, and your pet, with medical care, information, and support in their end of life, emphasizing their QUALITY OF LIFE.

Rogue Veterinary provides you, and your pet, with support and medical care emphasizing QUALITY OF LIFE.

Dr. Christina Olsen

We provide hospice care and
scheduled in-home euthanasias for dogs
and cats in Clackamas County, Oregon

Or current availability is limited. Please consult our calendar for our next available appointment.

We DO NOT provide emergency euthanasias or after hours services!

If you are experiencing an emergency, please go to your nearest emergency veterinary clinic. 

***All pets need proof of rabies vaccine and will need to provide proof of this prior to booking an appointment***

What makes Rogue Veterinary different? We are fear free certified and ONLY work in a safe manner for the pets and the people caring for them. For more information about fear free please visit their website  We teach our clients about recognizing and addressing fear in pets, and we implement those same techniques in a manner to reduce stress and fear when we handle your pet. This can look different for every pet and pet parent.  Some examples include:
  • treats  
  • calming pheromones specific to your pets species
  • pre-exam/treatment pharmaceuticals
  • calming and cozy wrap techniques
  • muzzles that have treats built in to reduce stress, distract and create safety, as well as allow panting, which is a fear reaction and important for preventing overheating. 

These are employed to keep your pet safe as well as you and our staff. We may not be able to eliminate fear entirely but will do everything possible to reduce it. We recommend all pet owners being familiar with fear free identification and alleviation techniques and starting your pet early with fear free training to set them up for success in their lives. The most common fear causing situations are when interacting with the public, grooming and veterinary care. You have the power and responsibility as a pet parent to ensure your pet is as comfortable as possible before bringing them into these situations. 

25843 S. Moehnke Court
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9am to 5pm
Hours may vary

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