Veterinary Services

Rogue Veterinary offers a wide range of general veterinary services & emergency veterinary care for our patients. Just a few of our wellness and preventive care services are listed below. For more information on these or other services, please call 971-256-8432.

Evaluation of Quality of life

There are many ways we determine your pet’s quality of life. Rogue Veterinary utilizes The Ohio State University’s checklist (link to QOL assessment here). This may help you determine if it is your pet’s time. Rogue Veterinary will use this form for our intake hospice appointments and follow up visits to help assess the effectiveness of care.


Euthanasia can be a difficult decision but is a way to end the suffering of a beloved pet. In some cases, the process is started before we arrive, with anxiety medications. When Rogue Veterinary arrives we will administer a pain and calming injection. We then place a catheter to gain access to their veins for administration of the medications to follow. Next we administer a medication that we commonly use for any anesthetic event(spay/neuter/dental cleaning/sx), which puts them to sleep. When they are sleeping fully, we then administer the final medication, which will stop their heart. They can have some excitement, deep breaths, vocalization, or movement, before, during or after the euthanasia. Rogue Veterinary will be here to help you through the process. Do not hesitate to ask any and all questions to help us best prepare you.

Please visit the American Animal Hospital Association website for more information on care standards and euthanasia. Link here

We also responsibly breed, raise and sell registered Sphynx kittens! Please ask us or visit our Instagram page for available adoptees(RogueVetSphynx)! We do blood tests for genetic causes of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy(HCM), which is common in the breed, and scan our breeding pairs for HCM via echocardiogram annually. In addition, they are FeLV/HIV/FCov tested and negative. We will vaccinate, spay/neuter, and start socializing with dogs, bathing, handling, harness, clothes, medicating, and veterinary visits prior to rehoming pets. We will also help you navigate the transition of these new babies into your home providing information and support.

Hospice Consultation

Intake of new hospice patients done in home 60-90 minutes(booked for 120 minutes in calendar to account for our commute)$200
Review of medical records and current medications
Physical exam
Individualized hospice plan
Medication costs are additional based on pets needs

To get the most out of these visits, we recommend having relevant medical records and current medications available for review emailed to the clinic prior to your appointment. Consider what your goals are with hospice care to be prepared for our conversation.

In-home Euthanasia

In-home euthanasia within Clackamas County 2 hours(booked in our calendar as 3 hours to account for our commute) $350
$50 Additional fee will apply for those outside Clackamas County
Sedation and euthanasia in home
Leaving body with family(Ensure you are informed of your county requirements for proper burial or disposal of animal remains)

Add on services for body handling and memorial items below:

Group Cremation No Memorial Items

Group cremation no memorial items additional $150
Group cremation(ashes spread at Pet Memorial Gardens
No memorial items included

Group Cremation with Memorial Items

Group cremation with memorial items, additional $250
Group cremation(ashes spread at Pet Memorial Gardens
Fur clipping
Nose and paw print in ink
Clay paw print
Return of all items via certified mail w/in 2 weeks(you will need to be present to sign for package)

Private Cremation 0-80lbs

Private cremation 0-80lbs additional $400; >80lbs additional $500
Private cremation(ashes returned)
Choice of below urn with personalized name plate
Fur clipping
Nose and paw print in ink
Clay paw print
Return of all items via certified mail w/in 2 weeks (you will need to be present to sign for package)

Telemedicine 30

Veterinary phone consultation $60/30min (30 minute minimum)

General questions regarding:

  • Pet care
  • Behavior: Fear free principles, identifying fear and addressing it-setting your pet up for success in public, medical care, and grooming care
  • Preventive care medicine- what is best for my pet based on their lifestyle
  • General information about medical conditions
  • Pet products and diets
  • Pre purchase discussions covering breed specific needs and common medical conditions.(Please name the specific breed(s) you wish to discuss to allow us to be prepared with as much information as possible)
  • Relevant handouts and resources sent after appointment to summarize our conversation and allow further support and information.
  • NO specific recommendations about your pet, or prescriptions for your pet, can legally be made without a physical exam being done on your pet. Please visit the Oregon Veterinary Medical Board website for more about rules and regulations.

Training Fear Free Puppy/kitten 30 minutes

Training Fear Free Puppy/kitten 30 minutes(booked in our calendar for 90 minutes to allow for our commute): $150
Cover the principles of fear free training
Cover the identification of fear/anxiety in pets
Practice fear free preparation for veterinary visits that can be applied to all stressful situations

Established Patients Only

Virtual Quality of Life Consultation 30 Minutes

Virtual Quality of life Consultation 30 minutes $100
Changes in pets condition
Medication adjustments
Evaluation and discussion of quality of life

Home Consultation 30 Minutes

Home Consultation 30 minutes(booked in our calendar for 90 minutes to account for our commute)$150
Physical exam for new conditions and medications
Physical treatments

Add-on Services for in Home Appointments

Add on services for in home appointments
Nail trim(only done in a fear free manner which may include pre-nail trim pharmaceuticals) $40
Anal gland expression(internal and complete vs external done at most grooming salons) $50

(Coming Soon!) Boarding/Day Camp

(Coming Soon!) Boarding/Day Camp

  • Intake physical exam and consultation
  • Daily care and feeding
  • Administration of medications if needed
  • Daily walks on 20 private acres!
  • Daily updates and access to real time video of our play areas
  • Optional: Veterinary monitoring if indicated- additional cost will apply based on pet needs
  • **By owner request only** Ability to euthanize pet in a comfortable setting if ailing pet significantly declines